Monday, April 16, 2012

Letter U

Just wanted to share a few things we are doing this week.  We are learning about the letter U so I made this hidden letter page because I couldn't find one online.
It is a little different than previous ones I have made in that there are a lot of different letters.  Rather than coloring all of the uppercase letters one color and the lowercase letters a different color to make the letter pop this one only colors the letter of the week to make the letter pop.  I thought it would be to difficult to differentiate between upper and lower case U's.  When completed you can also count how many of the other letters are on the page also.

We are working on number six this week so I created this to put on our learning wall as well.  Print both pictures, have your child color the umbrellas, cut out the boxes and glue them in the correct spots on the first page.

Since today is Librarian appreciation day we are making a card for our local librarian and delivering it to her.  We will be talking about how a librarian is one of our community helpers this week for social studies.

For science we are having a seed race.  I dampened a paper towel, put it in a clear baggie and taped it to our window.  We then put in a navy bean on one side and a pea on the other and labeled the bag.  We were fortunate enough to get an end roll from our local newspaper so we used some of that to create a Seed Science Observer notebook.  Simply cut out several 4 by 5 squares and staple them together to create a book.  Let your little one illustrate the cover.  On the first page I asked Princess A to make a guess about which one would grow first and recorded her answer.  She then drew a picture of what we did.  Over the next several weeks we will observe and record our experiment in the book.  When the plants are big enough we will move them to a pot or into our garden.  Be sure at the end to go back and see if the hypothesis (guess) was right.

For our character training we will be learning to be content by controlling our "wanter" (that thing in all of us that makes us want).  Our Bible verse will be Proverbs 21:26  We will be using a lesson from Ministry to Children titled Manna not Meatballs and talking about how the Israelites did or did not control their wanter.

This week we will be reading

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  1. Thanks for the great hidden letter worksheet!

    1. It's exactly what I needed for my little guy's preschool practice.


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